Tree Talks moved to Saturday March 15 2015 at Hampton Roads Ag & Research Center on Diamond Springs Rd

From Friends of Live Oaks (FOLO).

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Saturday February 28, 2015 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
at Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center 1444 Diamond Springs Road, VB
presented by VCE Virginia Beach Master Gardeners’ Tree Stewards
Event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Registration deadline is 3/12.



#LESNERBRIDGE update from Project Manager – “The dredging of Crab Creek and the area in front of the temporary wharf at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Site (LDMSS) continues today, but will be complete by tomorrow, 2/28/2015.”

February 28th 2015 update:

Is anybody ready for spring? The Lesner Bridge project team is!

The recent spate of snow, ice, and cold has had a negative impact on the project schedule which we hope to make up once the weather warms up. This doesn’t mean that that all work has stopped though.

The dredging of Crab Creek and the area in front of the temporary wharf at the Lynnhaven Dredge Material Storage Site (LDMSS) continues today, but will be complete by tomorrow, 2/28/2015.


Ø Construction of the retaining wall along the entire length of the new eastern bridge approach (former Duck Inn property) continues and is about 50% complete;

Ø The foundation for the new traffic signal pole at located at the corner of Page Avenue and Shore drive was installed;

Ø Pier column #1 for the new WB bridge has been completed;

Ø The foundations for bridge piers 2 and 3 have been completed;

Ø The reinforcing steel for Pier column #2 has been tied and is ready for placement on the completed foundation;

Ø The contractor is preparing material for the temporary cofferdam to be built around the foundation for water Pier #3

Ø Equipment and material have been mobilized to bridge pier #4 and the temporary equipment trestle is nearing completion in preparation for installed of the foundation shafts;

Ø Four more bridge segments have been built at the casting yard which brings us past the halfway mark for Span #1 (there are 10 spans per bridge);

Over the next two weeks, work will continue on the east side of the bridge as we continue to build the retaining wall, and install storm drain/other utilities. Drilled shaft installation for the foundations at pier #4 will resume on Monday, 3/2/2015. Also next week we anticipate standing the rebar cage for Pier #2 and begin the formwork installation in preparation for placement of the concrete. The installation of the foundation for the new traffic signal pole at the corner of Vista Circle and Shore Drive (across the street from Starbucks) is also expected to take place next week..

That about wraps it up for now. Stay warm, stay dry, and drive safely!


Christopher J. Wojtowicz, P.E.
Project Manager
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Public Works
Municipal Center-Bldg 2
2405 Court House Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9031
Phone: (757) 385-5785
Fax: (757) 385-5668

Screen grab of construction cam shot taken on Feb 26th 2015 2am

Screen grab of construction cam shot taken on Feb 26th 2015 2am

Concern about the need to change the current property tax exemptions for Seniors & Disabled in Virginia Beach

From Empsy:

City Council,
I am concerned about the need to change the current property tax exemptions for Seniors and Disabled in Virginia Beach due to the program being unsustainable due to COST. I found the THREE modifications posted on Virtual Town Hall equally unacceptable as did all THREE of the other comments I was able to view on the site.
I received one call from my Cape Story by the Sea email send from a senior citizen who was very upset about the proposal and the impact it would have on her fixed income and unable to understand HOW Va Beach could not do better money management to sustain the program.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the City Council, I too have difficulty in believing the program can not be sustained. Please consider the following:
1. DO NOT compare Virginia Beach with the other 6 cities of tidewater because NONE off the other six cities have an OCEAN and the tourist traffic of Va Beach. Recent article indicated “Virginia Beach dining, lodging sales near (a RECORD) $1.4 BILLION” and Jim Ricketts expects 2015 to hit another record. Surely there is income here that could support the property tax exemptions and the NEED to INCREASE the tax rate for the rest of us.

2. The health care costs to the city employees was noted as being one the fastest increasing costs of the city in a recent Budget presentation by Councilman Wood at the SDCC meeting.
Consider a City owned and operated PBM- Pharmacy Benefits Management – company as CHESAPEAKE has done and saved considerable money. As a fellow pharmacist with Ed Davidson (the Consultant Pharmacist for the City of Virginia Beach), I would encourage the Council to discuss this opportunity with Dr. Davidson and your healthcare management departments. This should stabilize and possibly decrease expense to the City for employee healthcare.

3. The military in Virginia Beach brings in $13 Million (or is it Billion) that is currently used in budget planning I believe even with constant discussion that this may /will decrease if/when the military cuts back/moves out. BUT, the HIGH MILITARY income is STILL HERE AND STRONG in the 37 YEARS I have lived in Virginia Beach.

I believe the Great City of Virginia Beach can sustain the current property tax exemptions and the current tax rate on property. I believe the City of Virginia Beach is unique and comparison with the other six cities of Tidewater has very LIMITED benefits when comparing tax base, tax income and potential for tax income.

Thank you.

Empsy Munden – Cape Story by the Sea – Virginia Beach

Learn more by viewing Virtual Town Hall info below

Both Virtual Town Halls posted below have been closed.
Please provide your feedback in Comments below and/or Email City Council here.

View first Official Virtual Town Hall website on this Topic entitled:

    The City of Virginia Beach currently offers qualified property owners the ability to receive one of 3 forms of relief (Exemption, Deferral or Freeze), towards their real estate tax bill. To ensure City Council receives the best possible recommendations, please complete this survey.

You can view 122 Responses by the public, video presentation by Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled Taskforce, Demographics of respondents, final tally, and more.

Next steps lie with City Council as they consider the information and the recommendations of the Taskforce.

View 2nd Official Virtual Town Hall website on this Topic entitled:

    The City Council is considering three alternatives to changing the tax-relief program for senior citizens and the elderly. Which alternative do you prefer, and why?

You can view 44 Responses by the public, and more.
NOTE: City Council will be voting on proposed alternatives at their March 3 2015 Meeting.


A tax-relief program that reduces or eliminates real estate taxes for some Virginia Beach senior citizens is not financially sustainable. That’s the conclusion of a city task force that reported recently to the City Council.

Now, the City Council is exploring ways to change the program – to continue keeping low-income seniors in their homes while managing the program’s skyrocketing costs.

The City Council has come up with three options, which are summarized here. The council wants to hear from you. A public hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 6 p.m. However, the hearing was cancelled due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 24 in the City Council chamber in City Hall, second floor, 2401 Courthouse Drive​. City Council is still scheduled to vote on program changes March 3. For more information, contact the city’s Budget Office at (757) 385-8234 or

Virginia Beach has the most generous tax-relief program for seniors in Hampton Roads.

View Final Report by Tax Relief for the Elderly & Disabled Taskforce here. ( 102 page PDF )


Both Virtual Town Halls posted above have been closed.
Please provide your feedback in Comments below and/or Email City Council here.

There’s a new inlet/outlet added at Pleasure House Point

Here’s a couple photos of the installation of the new inlet/outlet to the wetland. Does it flow during the exchange of the tide?

The answer to the question from Mike Moore P&R:

The pipe was installed in the washout that occurred this previous Halloween. It was installed higher than the normal ebb and flow tide. It isn’t to be an inlet but to allow water to pass through during extreme tide events without the berm going with it. We will monitor the berm and the pipe as we are sure we will need to add more sand and pack. Please feel free to let me know if you see it failing or erosion issues. Thank you.

Thanks for the scoop Mike!


“The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs is dedicated to supporting and strengthening a rich arts and cultural community. Please help us shape the future of the arts and culture by providing us feedback through this survey.”

Start here at the official Town Hall page at

Your input will help us understand community priorities related both directly and indirectly to arts and culture, and help to direct priorities for cultural investment and development. Play a part in shaping the vision of the Virginia Beach Arts Plan 2030 by completing this survey!

3 questions in Survey include:

Arts, culture and creativity in Virginia Beach increase quality of life and livability.

Arts, culture and creativity in Virginia Beach represent our diverse communities.

By the year 2030, what are the top 3 things you would like to see for Virginia Beach’s arts, cultural and creative community? (Please select up to 3 options from the list.)

 Photo Credit: Tim Solanic

Photo Credit: Tim Solanic