Saving Trees, “Norm” Not the Exception

At the 30 OCT 2017 SDCC monthly meeting, the environmentally astute Tim Solanic said that saving the city’s Live Oaks should be “The Norm, not the exception”.  Is that a voice in the city’s wilderness speaking out?  Destroying a magnificent tree that has taken a century or more to grow to make way for a structure that probably will not last a hundred years seems to point out our short-sightedness at the expense of long term goals for our city.  What do we want for our city and for our future generations?  Think about what you want to show your great grand children and talk about.  We should all want a remarkably durable city of quality with a deep sense of history.

David Williams


“Venerable Live Oak” in Chics Beach is saved!

Congratulations to everyone involved with helping to preserve the “venerable Live Oak”!

Special thanks to Frank Fentress & Susan French of COVB, Elisa Morrell, Michelle Zimmerman, Chesapeake Beach Civic League, Friends of Live Oaks and all those who support treating of our precious live oaks instead of destruction.

Here’s the update at the Petition set up for her.

Envision Virginia Beach 2040 info including meeting dates

Thanks to Cindy & Jennifer for a great presentation & discussion last night at our meeting about Envision Virginia Beach 2040!

Envision Virginia Beach 2040 next meeting is November 17th (3rd Friday, 1:00-3:00) in Town Center at 4525 Main St Suite 710.

Learn more about Envision Virginia Beach 2040 at

How do you envision Shore Drive in 2040? Join us at their next meeting.