Anyone else having issues with telephone pole work?

From an email:

Dominion Power apparently has contracted a group from “river city” West VA? Tenn? to replace the telephone poles on Shore Drive from Great Neck to Kendall Street and on the North and South side neighborhood streets to increase the power load for electricity.

For the past two months these large trucks have convoyed from their parking lot at Browning Marina’s fenced off area at 7AM or so and have closed off a lane of Shore Drive Monday-Thur from about 8 AM to 4 PM between Great Neck and Kendall Street for replacement of the power/telephone pole work[.] [T]he men in the trucks have been abrupt or unknowing about scheduling and if old poles would be removed and how far project extended.

My conversation (4 + calls and messages and call backs) to Dominion Power, today 5/14/12, the final answer was to ask the guy in the trucks their schedule that Dominion did not have a current schedule.

Tonight at the Cape Story by the Sea monthly meeting residents of Walke and First Landing Streets indicated that the pole replacements were on their neighborhood streets, completely blocking the streets with no or only a few hours to a day warning that the street traffic would be limited and access to driveways prevented.

NO INFORMATION from Dominion Power, City of Va Beach or Cox Communications was provided to the Civic Association or Residents prior to blocking of the neighborhood streets.

These residents report damage to mailboxes and prolonged parking of work vehicles in the neighborhood and when the “man in the truck, possibly the RED truck” was asked if they would be removing the OLD poles the response was to call Cox Communications.

Very unprofessional, who are these strangers?

Why would Dominion power contract OUT OF STATE?

what happened to Jobs for Bob Virginia?

Does the State Corporation Commission need to be informed?
Why is there no clear markings on the BIG trucks and no one in charge to respond to community questions?

Assistance would be appreciated.

Empsy Munden, Pres. Cape Story by the Sea

One thought on “Anyone else having issues with telephone pole work?

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