PHP’s stakeholder meeting in the news.

At the

The ideas will help form a set of guiding principles the Pleasure House Point Stakeholders Committee will submit to the city to help shape the site’s future, said Brian Solis, a Parks and Recreation planner.
The goal is to allow public access for recreation while limiting environmental impact, he said.
“They want people to be able to use the site and at the same time maintain the site’s ecological purpose,” said Christy Everett, Hampton Roads director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, an environmental nonprofit group teaming up with the city on the project.
“So I think it will be a really nice balance.”

As David Norris – Wetland Project Leader from Virginia Game and Island Fisheries said:

“…can’t believe there is this kind of habitat in the middle of Virginia Beach”

David also mentioned during his presentation that the rep from US Fish and Wildlife said she:

“never saw a coastal maritime forest on the east coast like on PHP”

So kudos to everyone who saw PHP as the gem it is and worked diligently over the years to protect it until it could be saved.

The community will also have many opportunities to be part of the discussion, planning and most important stewardship of this amazing property.


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