News from VB Police Crime Prevention Unit about an individual impersonating an Officer.

From an email:

Please pass on:

Good afternoon, you may or may not have seen the news story on this matter, but we have had an individual in our City posing as a police officer and making traffic stops. Two incidents have occurred to date, and in both cases, the man posing as a police officer stopped young women – one was a 17-year old female. As is stated in the following interview, we do not know what this individual’s intentions are, so the best course of action is if you believe you are being pulled over by an officer, make sure it is in a well-lit, safe area with other people around. If you are unsure that the individual attempting to stop you is a legitimate law enforcement officer, you can call the Police from your cell phone to verify that there is an officer making a traffic stop at your location. We are required to call traffic stops in over the radio to our dispatchers so there would be a record of the stop being made if it is legitimate.

[More at]

MPO Helen Gillespie
Virginia Beach Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit


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