Why Unanswered Questions?

SDCC recently posted the 28 questions that were presented to Chairman Fraim of the Beaches and Waterways Advisory Commission (B&WAC) at the city’s official and only public hearing held OCT 13, 2011. Now, almost one year ago.  As some of you who attended this public forum for the Neighborhood Dredging (Spoils) Program, these questions were officially presented in writing to the chairman and were to be officially answered by this officially appointed city commission. The city would like citizens to think that our voices are heard on such important matters as this costly program (potentially $100 million) directly impacting citizen safety and our tax dollars. All that I can say is that SDCC has not received any satisfactory answers from either the city or the B&WAC chairman, although their official report was submitted to the city nine months ago.
Why are the city and the B&WAC chairman so quiet? I believe that they can not answer SDCC’s questions related to neighborhood impact, safety, environmental issues, traffic impact, costs, and operational concerns of this program. If they cannot answer my questions satisfactorily, how can they continue to proceed with the Neighborhood Dredging (Spoils) Program? I have forwarded these questions to Councilwoman Wilson (City representative to the B&WAC) a month ago to see if she could pry required answers out of the city, and so far no response. Bottom line- NO ANSWERS. It may not be that important, but it does concern public safety, impact on neighborhoods, impact on traffic through three major school areas, and your present and future tax dollars. WHY no answers? Maybe there are no responsible answers.

One thought on “Why Unanswered Questions?

  1. I hope we can find out where the City and candidates stand on the Neighborhood Dredging Program at the upcoming candidates forum….
    Wednesday, October 17th, 7-9 PM
    Cape Henry Collegiate School, Dreyfus Auditorium

    Co-Sponsored by:
    Lynnhaven River NOW
    Virginia Beach Council of Garden Clubs
    Princess Anne Garden Club
    Virginia Beach Garden Club
    Back Bay Restoration Foundation
    Shore Drive Community Coalition


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