Bayfront Advisory Committee (BAC) Newsletter

Click here to read the entire newsletter  VisionNewsletter_2.9

Some highlights:

  • Bayfront Advisory Committee Meeting – Thursday September 20th

  • BAC considers name change

  • Eminent domain/condemation approved on 10 parcels to support new Lesner Bridge

5 thoughts on “Bayfront Advisory Committee (BAC) Newsletter

  1. Is there a map and description of the 10 parcels?
    From the Newsletter:
    “Eminent Domain
    City Council, by an eleven to zero vote, approved an ordinance to acquire by agreement or condemnation, right-of- way and easements for ten (10) parcels necessary for construction of the new Lesner Bridge. The City received Governor’s Transportation Plan funding for the project in July 2011, and was given approval to begin the right-of- way phase on February 1, 2012.”

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