Hurricane Sandy Information

The City and the Bayfront Advisory Committee has provided the following helpful documents regarding the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy to our area.

NOAA Briefing Overview with helpful weblinks – Click here to read the overview NWSWakefield_SandyBriefing_Oct25

Storm Surge – Surge potential of 2-3 feet will combine with astronomically high tides resulting in moderate coastal flooding. Highest potential for moderate flooding is along the entire coast and lower Bay (including Hampton Roads) Sun/Mon.

Dominion Weather Statement – the item to note in this statement is the predicted storm surge for the Sunday morning and evening tides. The past noreasters were surges of 8 feet plus. Click here to read the statement DWxC_Statement_-_20121025_1024

High tides near the mouth of the Bay will peak between roughly three and four feet, while in the Outer Banks Atlantic tides will peak between roughly four and five feet.


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