High Tides for Lynnhaven Inlet and Storm Info

I googled Virginia Beach Tide Chart and found a site “Sunny Day Guide” which provides a tide chart for VB. From their basic tide time, you have to add or subtract a correction for your specific area. The correction for Lynnhaven Inlet is Basic+48 minutes. The corrected high tide for today (Oct 29) will be 10:02 am and 10:31 pm. The corrected high tide for tomorrow will be 10:49 am and 11:07 pm. I hope everyone fares well and stays dry. Be careful and please watch for any down power lines. If there are down power lines in the area, don’t touch anything metal (fence, etc) or even wood like tree limbs. If the voltage is high enough, a wet tree limb can transmit enough voltage to kill you (saw it at a Dominion Power public demo). Be careful. Please watch out for your neighbors who may be by themselves.

If you experience any damage from the storm, take pictures to document the damage for insurance purposes before you remove it.If you have a lot of damage, separate the damaged material into three piles; mulchible (tree limbs, branches), building material (drywall, carpeting, rugs, etc; and then if you have “white goods” like refrigerators, freezers, lawnmowers, powered equipment, put that in a separate pile because of the possible hazardous material (oil, gas, freon, etc). Do not put everything in one pile, or the city will let it sit there for some time before it can be sorted out.


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