Flooding in Cape Story caused by backflow through First Landing outfalls

The photos below show the high tide flooding that occurred Monday Oct. 29th around 10:30am high tide cycle for Long Creek.  The water level above the SW grate on First Landing was about 14 inches.  Estimate for the height of the high tide for this event is close to 7.0 feet based on 2006, 2009 Nor’Ida and 2011 Irene.

At least 8 homes between Calvert and Wake Forest had water come into their homes.  The one at the end of First Landing Lane had at close to 18 inches and will need dry wall and insulation replaced.  All of the flooding for these homes was a direct result of the tidal surge coming backwards through the First Landing outfalls in the Cape Henry canal.

Based on observations during the storm, water from the Cape Henry canal never breeched the roadway crest at the intersection of Admiral and First Landing.  Water entered the ditch along the trail and filled the low lying areas and then flowed west toward Wake Forest.  The maps produced after the 2009 event were very close to what actually happened.

Based on the success of the backflow prevention device in Ocean Park, some type of device needs to be installed in the First Landing outfalls ASAP.  The flooding damage to Cape Story as a result of Sandy could have been prevented.  Based on past experience from 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2012, a backflow device will function satisfactorily for events that have a high tide less than 8.5 feet.  This should be acceptable for most events.  Of course, if a Cat 2 storm hits us directly, we’re all in trouble.  Nothing will save us and we know that.


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