Online Petition to Move Electronic Roadway sign and Save Live Oaks

Three electronic ITS traffic/safey warning signs are being installed on Shore Drive. 

1 – West of Marlin Bay Drive in the median

2- West of First Landing State Park Bayside entrance (northside of road)

3- Northend near 89th street

The signs are part of a Federally funded project and were approved by the City’s Public Works department in 2008.  In addition to the signs being big and ugly, the sign installed near the State Park will require several of the City’s official trees, the live oak, to be removed.

Members of the Friends of Live Oaks have started an online petition requesting the sign be relocated to the median to avoid tree removal.  You can sign the petition at the following link


Close up of sign near Park








Trees between sign (located far left just behind the white car) and Park entrance to be removed.

One thought on “Online Petition to Move Electronic Roadway sign and Save Live Oaks

  1. petition signed along with my personal comment: Live Oaks were here long before us and if not cut down, will be here long after we’re gone…we have a responsibility as stewards to these venerable, magnificent and protective trees. Their contribution to our quality of life far outweighs any sign on Earth.


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