3 thoughts on “Hear of the idea to cut down trees including live oaks to change an intersection on Shore Drive?

  1. As a resident of Cape Henry Tower I want to make sure SDCC and CHT Residents are aware that it is not I, Tim Rudziensky, that posted this. Tim Solinac somehow obtained this photo, taken in our lobby, and posted the photo here.
    To clarify furhter, it is not Cape Henry Tower that has initiated this change, the City of Virginia Beach is exercising eminent domain to make changes at the intersection. Many residents of CHT do not understand why the city feels this is necessary.

    • Please add any and all details about this idea Tim, or anyone else who has more information now including the CIP# etc.
      (My name is spelled Solanic.)

  2. I don’t understand the reason for ANY if these three proposals. Even when Duck In was hosting their famous Friday night parties, everyone (even drunk drivers) managed to exit onto Shore Dr without problems. Option Three: extends Page Ave through the parking lot at CHT, taking away deeded parking spaces and forcing several residents to cross Page Ave to get home. Imagine pushing your grocery cart, pulling luggage or escorting your children across a street with “improved” traffic flow. The other two options cut down what are probably the most beautiful old trees remaining on Shore Dr., for no reason at all. Are they trying to change this to accommodate PRIVATE development of the Duck In site? How is eminent domain a valid use here? Why is is necessary to cut down trees and plant a patch of grass? The best option is the current condition, please leave it as it is!


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