Seasons Greetings From SDCC

As we finish the year of 2012, we wish a warm (no global warming reference intended) season’s greetings to all our families and volunteers who have so freely given of their time, efforts, and treasures to maintain and improve the beauty and community of the Shore Drive area. Many, many people have so generously given to others in our area through food, furniture and clothing drives. You have welcomed our troops home, or said “good bye”, and offered a hand to neighbors while watching over our communities to keep them safe for all. Virginia Beach is truly a generous and caring community. Many of you have given without even expecting  a “thank you”. You are beautiful, friendly and caring. You are the heart and very soul of this community that makes you so special. Enjoy your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or winter solstice. May you personally feel the sense of community with all your neighbors, friends, and family about you.

We wish to give a special “thank you” to our Mayor, City Council members, and city staff for bringing Pleasure House Point to a reality and preserving this incredible public treasure for our future generations. Lynnhaven River Now and Chesapeake Bay Foundation deserve our very special thanks and continued future support.

On behalf of Grace, Todd, Carol, and Tim, may all of you have a MOST SPECIAL HOLIDAY!



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