Flu and YOU!

Everyone should be paying some attention to the recent increase in reported Influenza Like Infections (ILI) as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported numbers are rising rapidly.  A cold is manageable with symptoms which we are familiar, but the flu is like you have been run over by a dump truck.  Severe body aches all over which could last for a week or more, etc.  I am not a doc, so I will leave the medicine to those who are qualified, but I am an emergency planner.  The numbers reporting flu symptoms will soon reach pandemic proportions here in the U.S.  Already, Europe is reporting the flu as a pandemic.  Watch this flu virus.  Get yourself a home flu kit (aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, mineral fluid replacements, Imodium-D, etc.) or what ever your mother would use to help you through.

If you are vulnerable to the flu with a weakened condition, it would not be a time to be visiting the mall for a morning walk.  There are precautions that you can take that will lessen your chances for the virus, mainly washing your hands a lot, avoiding crowds, and especially avoiding neighbors and family with flu symptoms.  Care giving is one thing that we all sign on for as a parent or a spouse, but you should not expose yourself needlessly.  Please watch the news and read the newspaper for information. Take care of yourself and family.


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