More info about sand replenishment including study by VIMS

Forwarded from previous OPCL President:

Hope at receiving this you had a festive holiday season and are ready to do great things for our City in 2013. Attached you will find a draft of the legislation Chris Stolle is carrying for the City to set the ground work for a collaborative process of creating a sand replenishment program for the Chesapeake Bay Beaches. Following completion of the Council funded study by VIMS (can be found at )[246 Page PDF]. The study focused on Chesapeake Beach but we are confident the sizeable deposits of suitable material exist offshore of all our Chesapeake Bay Beaches. Please share with your Commission/Board and if you would like Phil and I are more than happy to attend your next meeting to discuss our program initiative. As this has the unanimous support of the City Council we would like to receive both the Beaches and Waterways Advisory Commission and the Bayfront Advisory Committee endorsements. The Norfolk City Manager’s office is endorsing the legislation as well. Also request that once your organizations are behind the initiative that you take the opportunity to let our General Assembly Delegation know of your support. Please call if you have questions. VR Dave

Dave Hansen
Deputy City Manager
City of Virginia Beach

Download the VIMS study entitled A Geotechnical Evaluation of Chesapeake Beach for Beach Quality Sand. [246 Page PDF]

VIMS is the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

One image from VIMS study

One image from VIMS study


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