Jan28 Agenda for SDCC meeting. All welcome to come and participate.

Click here for a printable version of the agenda – SDCC Jan 2013 Agenda

Shore Drive Community Coalition

Monday 28 JAN 2013

SDCC General Meeting

SDCC General Meeting – Monday, 28 JAN – 7:30-8:30 pm

Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Station (Intersection of Shore Drive and East Stratford Rd.)

Call to order

Meeting topic:

(1) Introduction of SDCC Officers for 2013

(2) Virginia Beach Phase III- Storm Water Mitigation Program Lesner Bridge East to Great Neck Rd By Todd Solomon

Officers’ Reports:
President’s Report David Williams
Vice President’s report Rick Mercadante

Secretary’s Report Todd Solomon –DEC Minutes

Treasurer’s Report Ryan King

Update on issues:

Proposed State Legislation being supported by City of Virginia Beach

  • Bill to allow hydraulic pumping of sand from Chesapeake Bay onto Bayfront beaches.  Beaches and Waterways Commission has been tasked to discuss possible funding streams (i.e. Special Tax Districts similar to Sandbridge)
  • Bill (SB 926) to allow by passing of Wetlands Board review of Neighborhood Dredging Projects.  Who from the City requested this and why?  Why would the citizens remove a valuable part of the review process? 

Old Business

New Business


Next SDCC- Monday FEB 25, 2013

Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Center

Speaker- TBA

Please check http://www.sdcc.info for more information on area news and events


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