Amazing news about live oak lumber being preserved!

From an email from Todd:

Bar Harbor Tree Removal – Proffers
Todd Solomon
to Kal, Faith, Clay, +7
35 minutes agoDetails
To All:

This development went through the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process almost a year ago. I know it wasn’t a topic at any SDCC meetings last year, but can’t answer for BAC. However it appears it was reviewed by Planning with the Shore Drive Design Guidelines in mind. Landscaping in accordance with the guidelines, saving the logs for Friends of Live Oaks and a monetary donation were all added as proffers for approval. Unfortunately this doesn’t save the trees, but it is a major improvement over the developments being built 10 years ago the totally ignored these issues.

Vince does identify an ongoing communication void that could still benefit from some improvement. CUPs are identified as required in the Beacon, but unfortunately the citizens don’t catch them all. And even if we do, the details in the paper are too vague to identify specific tree removal issues. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think all the CUPs go before the BAC for review. If they do, then maybe a more detailed agenda would be helpful to the community. I also thought the Planning Commission always asks if the developer has met with the neighboring civic leagues as part of their approval. If a review at BAC is being substituted for meeting with the civic league, then maybe BAC will now have to validate that requirement.

Maybe we can perform a critique on this CUP and look for ways to improve communication. Anything we come up with can be discussed with the appropriate groups that can help implement the suggestions.


Todd Solomon

Shore Drive Community Coalition-Secretary

(757) 667-8533 cell

“Shore Drive, We Love This Place”, check out

Subject: Bar Harbor

Hi Ron and Steve,

We are receiving numerous calls regarding the clearing of the site at the intersection of DuPont Circle and Shore Drive. I just want to make sure that the developer, Steve, has proffered the agreed upon money to the live oak fund (that Clay administers). Also the oaks being taken down should be donated to the Friends of Live Oaks. Here is the condition on the use permit –

# 9. The applicant, as agreed upon, shall work with the Environment and Sustainability Office to determine an appropriate donation to the Live Oak Fund to help offset loss of the live oaks on the site, and to have the logs of the trees set aside for Friends of Live Oaks (

Faith Christie, CZA, CBO

Planner, City of Virginia Beach

2405 Courthouse Drive, Room 115

Virginia Beach, VA 23456



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