Online Petition to Preserve Live Oak in Ocean Park

Update: March 2, Saturday morning, lot is cleared.  Thank you to all that signed the brief petition campaign.

One Tree.  Why bother saving one tree?  Well, in order to get to your destination, you have to take one step at a time.

Please take a minute and sign the online petition to show the property owner that One Tree really does matter.  Click here for the petition

Here are several additional reasons why saving one tree is a good thing.

  • The Live Oak is the City of Virginia Beach’s official tree.
  • The majority of Live Oaks in Virginia Beach are located in the Bayfront area.
  • The property owner is an understanding developer.  He has already agreed to save the logs from other live oaks that needed to be removed from this “by right” project.
  • Having one “Tree Conscience” project may lead to other responsible developments.

For more about saving Live Oak Trees, visit

3 thoughts on “Online Petition to Preserve Live Oak in Ocean Park

  1. Live oaks are magnificent trees and definitely worth preserving. I believe the best way to approach most types of preservation is to make intelligent alternative suggestions, present ideas that property owners will find helpful versus attempting to force preservation upon them with government assistance. Property rights are of paramount importance and must be protected.Tree replacement is a viable alternative and certainly should be part of the dialog with property owners.

  2. Live Oaks are protected by law in the City of Virginia Beach. The city arborist enforces these laws. Has anyone contacted that office? I had some very small saplings cleared from the edge of a then empty lot by the Dunkin Donuts about 20 years ago. They were ragged, scrub brush by the edge of the road. Because I had some overhanging branches cleared by a licensed, tree contractor, that were obscuring line of vision to my business at the time, he cleared the saplings by the road. A “concerned”citizen reported this to the city arborist and the full weight of the city descended upon the site with SWAT team speed and seriousness. I, not the licensed contractor, who should have known better, was fined a hefty amount and ordered to purchase other (not live oak) sapling trees for landscaping purposes for other city projects. I love our live oaks and would not have destroyed an established, mature tree, This stinks. Has anyone contacted the city arborist?


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