“Attached you will find our response to the Norfolk District Commander of the Corps of Engineers attesting to the City’s commitment for providing the necessary real estate interests for the project features identified in the Lynnhaven River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Plan. This plan consists of restoring 38 acres of Wetlands, 94 acres of sub~aquatic Vegetation (SAV), the reintroduction of bay scallops on the SAV and the construction of 31 acres of reef habitat.”

Recent correspondence between City of VB & ACOE re: Lynnhaven River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Plan. (9 page PDF)

We understand that concerns exist regarding the City’s ability to accomplish the real estate acquisition that may be necessary for the project. Please be assured that We have reviewed the potential real estate requirements identified in the District’s letter dated March 12, 2013. We acknowledge that the provision of all real estate interests necessary for the construction, operation, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of the project will be the responsibility of the City of Virginia Beach as the Non-Federal Sponsor for this project It is understood that the procurement of real estate interests may include acquiring or terminating existing oyster leases, acquiring permanent real estate interests from private and pubîic property owners for wetlands restoration, and securing permanent easements over state-owned river bottoms to support the parts of the project involving submerged aquatic vegetation restoration, bay scallops reintroduction, and reef habitat creation.

sunset at the end of the dock


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