Vandalism on PHP

Certainly “grown ups” can’t be responsible for this.

From an email:

The past two weeks we have seen an elevated amount of vandalism at Pleasure House Point. The two dog boxes were ripped from their signs, along the two Marlin Bay trails, last week. We installed new ones and I inspected the site yesterday and found that the same occurred again. Last week we found that a household kitchen bag was dumped on a trail. Mail within the bag was addressed to (redacted). Yesterday, along the same trail I found four very large bags dumped on the trail. I removed the litter and pulled the dog boxes out of the woods from where they were thrown and placed them beside the posts from which they were installed. At this point we are discussing which dog boxes to reinstall. A police report was given and I have a case number pertaining to the issue.

I wanted to keep you posted as well as possibly ask if you wouldn’t mind mentioning something about this in your next OPCL Newsletter.

Please let me know if you need other information or anything on our end. I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Michael T. Moore; CNMP
Open Space and Resource Manager
Parks and Natural Areas
Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation
Parks and Natural Areas Office | 2289 Lynnhaven Parkway | Virginia Beach, VA 23456

20130430-190045.jpgPhoto taken at April 20th clean up on PHP.


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