May 18th this Saturday 10a-4p come out to the Ocean Park Vounteer Rescue Squad picnic Open House, boat inspection and more…

Follow this link to the squad Facebook Event page.


From the squad’s website:

Come on down to the old Ocean Park firehouse for burgers, hot-dogs, equipment tours, blood pressure checks, and see how many EMTs can fit in an ambulance! We will be on hand to answer questions about our station, the EMS system, and how you can get involved.

Plus the USCG Auxiliary flotilla 5-7 will be on hand from 9am till 12 noon for free boat inspections, if you need one or you know someone who would like to get their bot inspected in the morning have them drop by! We will be having people bring their boats to the parking lot to the right of the squad and we will have the USCG Aux volunteers on hand for the inspections. They will also be on hand to talk about boater safety, as the weather gets warmer we know our neighbors will be dusting off their winter boat covers and we want you to be safe out on the water. They will have life jacket demonstrations and coloring books for the kids.


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