10 thoughts on “We’re trying to confirm rumor about new Lesner Bridge construction.

  1. Did anyone think they could replace the entire bridge without closing a lane or 2? I believe the original plan said they would not close any lanes. That would be great although it seems unlikely.

  2. The plan calls for construction of the new north (westbound) bridge first. Then westbound traffic will be routed onto the new bridge. One of the existing spans will be torn down while eastbound traffic continues on the other existing span. Then the new eastbound span will be built. There will be four lanes of traffic the whole time.

    • The rumor is false!

      From a City Engineer backing up Scott’s comments & all the docs about the construction:

      …We will be maintaining 4-lanes of traffic during construction of the Lesner Bridge. We may have some lane closures during construction, however these will be performed at night or during off-peak hours…

  3. This method is costing us an additional $40m to build a 100 year bridge because no one wants to listen to 18 months of traffic complaints.

    • Money Well spent. I wont be here in 100 years and want to enjoy my time on the beach and in the water. Not sitting in traffic. Besides.. who is paying for the bridge???? The State and City waste more than that on things we don’t get input on. At least we know whats going on with this project. Taking the bridge to 2 lanes would be a night mare of epic proportions. It would damage local business and take a toll on the entire community.

  4. Is there a formula for calculating the dollar amount for lost productivity while sitting in traffic? Just asking. Eighteen months of going nowhere fast can’t be inexpensive.

  5. Toss that rumor in the pile with the CVS rumor. I have included all of this information about the bridge building and more in the OPCL newsletter numerous times.


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