Incident Involving Young Child

From Cape Story Neighborhood Watch:

An incident occurred this afternoon around 3:00 on Wake Forest St. that needs to be shared. A young boy had gotten off the school bus at the bike path. As he was walking towards his home, a grey car slowed down beside him and a young female in the passenger seat stuck her arm out the window and offered him something (he thought she said “candy”). He ignored her and continued walking to his home and arrived safely. He told his mother it was a car (not a SUV or truck) and the woman looked “nice” but he couldn’t see who was driving. The car was travelling towards Shore Drive. The police have been notified.

Needless to say, this could have been very serious so please remind your children to always be aware and not to talk to strangers.

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. Also, please call or email the NW Coordinator so crime reports and suspicious activities can be shared with all of our residents.


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