Preserving Pleasure House Point “was the wisest move the city has made in decades.”

Be sure to read Candy Hatcher’s piece in the Pilot entitled Treasure at Pleasure House Point.

Now we can walk down a suburban street that becomes a trail that winds along the water, by dunes, through a maritime forest. We can go there to think. Or simply to appreciate the tranquility. It’s why we live here. At least, it’s one of the reasons.


Be sure to be careful traveling around Marlin Bay Drive – road next to Pleasure House Point, and in Pelcian Dunes, around Woodlawn Avenue – there’s a number of young Yellow Crowned Night Heron’s wandering around the streets.

Photo Credit: Kevin O'Hara

Photo Credit: Kevin O’Hara

4 thoughts on “Preserving Pleasure House Point “was the wisest move the city has made in decades.”

  1. I have to agree that even though it’s excellent that Pleasure House Point has been preserved–or at least, not smothered in condos–it’s become almost impossible to appreciate the spot because of the constant violation of leash laws by selfish, entitled dog owners. If they can’t respect other visitors and the natural environment of PHP, and keep their animals on a leash, they need to go somewhere else.

  2. Because of its financial participation in the acquisition of PHP, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries received a conservation easement over much of the property. And because the acquisition of this property was as much for the purpose of habitat preservation as for our enjoyment, unleashed dogs violate the primary function of PHP. If abuse continues unabated, it is not impossible that DGIF would restrict access to PHP altogether, at least for dogs, if not people. If you encounter a dog owner with unleashed pooch, you might share this information in a non-confrontational way.

  3. It would be great if you could write a letter to the Pilot, essentially with what you’ve just written here. That would reach quite a lot of people.

    For my part, unfortunately, I’ve long since given up on trying to talk to dog owners. They simply don’t listen. Anything you say that encroaches on their leashless happiness automatically makes you a Bad Person, and thus not worth paying attention to.


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