LRNOW Candidate Forum – Tues. Oct. 1st 7-9pm at Cape Henry Collegiate

One of the easiest ways to be a good citizen is to VOTE.  In order to make an educated choice, the more you can learn about each candidate the better.  In an effort to provide the community with the most information possible, Lynnhaven River Now has coordinated this upcoming forum.  Even though some of the districts are uncontested and you may not live in others, you can still learn about all the candidates.  No matter who is elected, you can still help influence the eventual winners to make good decisions once they are elected.

Click here for a printable version of the flyer below

2013 LRNOW Canidate Forum Flyer

List of candidates and districts attending:

District 21

Susan Hippen

Ron Villanueva

District 81

Barry Knight

District 82

Bill Fleming

Bill DeSteph

District 83

Chris Stolle

District 84

Glenn Davis

Brent McKenzie

District 85

Bill Dale

Scott Taylor (unconfirmed as of 9.27.13)


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