Lynnhaven Inlet Dredging to Begin in 30 days. Sand to be placed on Ocean Park Beach.

According to an email City staff sent to Mrs. Dorinda Ennis of 3356 on the Bay, the Lynnhaven Inlet dredging, which was scheduled to take place last year but was delayed because of funding problems, will start within the next 30 days.  Please see the City staff email below

According to David Jarman….

Here is the feedback from our Coastal Group that handles the dredging work:

  • The Corps inlet contract has been awarded.   Notice to proceed will be issued 9/10/2013 and work will begin within 30 days.  The dredged sand will be placed on the Ocean Park Beach.  Project completion is anticipated by the end of February.  If necessary, truck hauling from the boat ramp stockpile to the Ocean Park Beach will be available once the Corps dredging project is complete.  This work would begin in March and last for a few weeks, again as needed.
  • Crab Creek bids were opened two weeks ago, work will begin in November, with completion by the end of March.


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