Legislative Prorities to Build a Better Virginia Beach. The proposed package is public.

Read the entire document at VBGov.com.

Read on to learn the city’s stance on key issues, the reason behind the city’s position, and how these issues might impact your life. You can help by contacting your representative to share your thoughts on these important issues.

One example of what the City will be asking of the Commonwealth.

10. Preservation of Private Riparian/Littoral Rights (Title 28.2)
Sponsored by Council Member James L. Wood

Request: The General Assembly is asked to enact a new section in Title 28.2 to clarify the riparian/littoral status of private property owners after public sand replenishment projects on public beaches and waterways.

Why? Virginia Beach has undertaken several sand replenishment projects along our shores, and additional new projects are planned to project homes, business and other infrastructure currently at risk due to erosion and flooding. In Virginia, lands that are submerged below the water line belong to the Commonwealth (§ 28.2-1200), and it has been claimed that when sand is placed on the water’s edge, the Commonwealth continues to own the strip of emerged land caused by the sand placement, thereby severing private property owners’ riparian status. The city offers this legislation as a means to clarify the riparian status after a sand replenishment project and to maintain the status quo for private property rights when public projects involve the placement of sand on public beaches and easements.

Beach replenishment thanks to needed dredging in the Lynnhaven

Beach replenishment thanks to needed dredging in the Lynnhaven


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