Update on dog park for Bayville Park

From Parks & Rec:

We are working to finalize the layout/design soon for a new City Dog Park at Bayville Farms Park, and tentatively plan to have it open in Spring 2014. It is planned to be located in the northern part of the park, near the ball fields and new playground. This will be our third City Dog Park, and obviously will support the northern part of our City. We are also planning to have separate areas for large and small dogs, which will be our first to support this separated use.

2 thoughts on “Update on dog park for Bayville Park

  1. Email to City Manager, Council and Mayor: Dated 12/12/13


    Let me preface this letter by saying the Shore Drive and Bayfront Communities are thrilled that Bayville Park will have a dog park in the spring. This brings me to the point of concern. I and other dog owners have been going to the ball field to play fetch with our dogs for the past year without incident. We have seen each other at different times of the day and sometimes not at all, but dogs and owners have formed a friendship and respect for the park (we never go on the field when there is an event). Approximately 39% of the population has dogs and dogs need 15-20 mins of all out exercise twice a day, much as a child does! Unfortunately much of Shore Drive is condo living which limits outdoor activity, so we rely heavily on parks close by to play with our pets. You may say that the beach is close, but the beaches are not cleaned regularly (raking) of debris often left by people crabbing or fishing and are unsafe for pets as well as children (another story).

    A recent employee that has transferred to Bayville Park has started making us leave the field and has even called the animal control. I am sure the animal control feels bad to have to follow up on someone playing fetch with their dog. Our dogs are fully controlled often wearing leads and wear their tags. It seems that some compromise could be made until the dog park is built—we are talking about a small amount of time. Perhaps in the interim there could be a temporary check-in with park staff to eliminate future issues. Some of us are seniors and do not like to feel threatened by employees—very disappointing.

    We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.


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