6 thoughts on ““We want to gauge to see if the public wants to rename the bridge,” he said. “Because if not, it stays the Lesner Bridge.”

  1. The Lesner Bridge is a priority for replacement because it connects the military bases along Shore Drive. Many of our Special Forces (Navy SEALs, Army Green Baret/Rangers/ USMC Recon) travel over this bridge coming from and going to training. Many of the Special Forces that have been killed in our wars traveled over this very same bridge. I think we should honor the sacrifices of these men and their families and name the new bridge, “Special Forces Memorial Bridge”. Who was Lesner and what has he done for us citizens to warrent a bridge being named again for him?

  2. The bridge was named after my great uncle, John Adam Lesner. It was named after Senator Lesner by the General Assembly for his service on the State Highway Commission. He headed the Department of Roads and Internal Navigation and developed the first concrete roads in Virginia. He was a champion for better roads and bridges and headed the Tidewater Automobile Association for almost two decades. He was also widely beloved as a Virginia State Senator. When John’s friends urged his candidacy, he was elected by an unprecedented large vote, not one vote in his home precinct being cast against him out of a total vote of 440. I’m certain that there are many worthy suggestions for a name change, but the family feels that it is dishonorable to award one memorial by taking it from another.


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