Ocean Park Drainage Improvements (CIP 7-063) update

Email about the project:

Dear Vice Mayor Jones, Ms. Walston, Mr. Vaughn, and Mr Kassir,

A public information meeting was held on Thursday, February 23, 2012, to review three alternatives for relieving tidal flooding up to elevation 5 in the vicinity of the intersection of Dupont Circle and Dinwiddie Road. Subsequent to that meeting the Ocean Park Civic League endorsed Alternative A. Alternative A proposes a 27-inch storm drain along Dinwiddie Road from East Stratford Road to Lockhaven Crescent (paper street), then westward along Lockhaven Crescent (South edge of Lockhaven Neighborhood Park) to the Ocean Park Stormwater Pump Station on Winston Place in the vicinity of the proposed Brock Environmental Center parking lot.

Through coordination with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, City of Virginia Beach Department of Parks and Recreation, City of Virginia Beach Public Works, and public and private utilities, plans have been developed for the Ocean Park Drainage Improvements. The plans have been given to one of the Department of Public Works annual services contractors and a work order is about to be executed for the work. Construction is scheduled to commence this month and continue until June 2014.

The attached notification letter is being mailed to 178 residents who live on East Stratford Road, Dinnwiddie Road, Rockbridge Road, and Chesterfield Avenue and is provided for your information. You are copied on the notification letter.

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me or my supervisor, Mike Mundy, at 385-4131.


Michael S. Bumbaco, P.E.
Direct: (757) 385-1978
Office: (757) 385-4131

1 page PDF of letter sent to homeowners.

Link to (CIP 7-063).



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