Public Comment meeting to be held by Virginia Beach’s Commission on Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Virginia Beach will hold its Annual Meeting at 6:30 this evening at Central Library to hear comments and answer questions from the public following a panel discussion about the status and plans of the “Cape Henry Historic Site.”

Visit their website.

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In advance of a public comment meeting to be held by Virginia Beach’s Commission on Historic Preservation tomorrow evening, I’ve written a relatively brief summary, which could be considered “Virginia Beach History 101,” mainly to acquaint the public and city leaders with various proposals and options regarding the preservation (and promotion) of Virginia Beach’s Cape Henry area. The meeting is, many believe, an important first step toward meeting persistent demands from various local, state, national and international organizations halfway, and for those even remotely interested, it is important.

If you are unable to attend (6:30 PM, Thursday, April 3rd, Central Library of Virginia Beach), then your comment is / comments are more important than ever. Please take the time to make your opinion known to those who will be present, particularly if it provokes thought about the proposals already proffered in the article. (And don’t be afraid to suggest your own.)

There’s a great deal of ancillary reference material; all of it interesting reading; most of it rarely seen. As time is of the essence, you will want to “pick your clicks” wisely. You can always return to the article later.

Much thanks…

Dr. Matt Hogendobler
Virginia Beach

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