Second Annual Virginia Run for the Fallen, May 1-4 2014 – Fort Story to Arlington National Cemetery. 4-days 236 miles. START 1 May 2014 JEB Fort Story 730a

Run for the Fallen

Run for the Fallen

Impossible for you to run? Choose to donate.

All donations collected above the needed expenses will be used to further the national mission of Honor and Remember, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, dedicated to the public recognition of our Fallen Military and their Families.

I’m here for you in Virginia Beach to pay homage to your name.
I see Gold Star Families crying their pride can’t ease the pain.
There’s a beautiful sunrise over the sea; a new day has begun.
One that will be filled with promise as you and I begin to run.

I’ll run with you to Arlington from Virginia’s southern shore.
To HONOR and REMEMBER the sacrifice you made in war.
It’s a long journey, yet there will be a tribute in every stride.
For you will be my inspiration as your spirit runs by my side.

Patriots shepherd me down the path with flashing lights ablaze.
Keeping me safe to honor you over four of my proudest days.
Over the inland waterways, crossing many bridges far and wide.
To place a flag in your cherished memory on the other side.

Winding through many towns I can hear the roaring cheers.
They’re for you my fallen comrades and so are all the tears.
Passing by a grateful nation, I see their pride begin to swell.
Reaffirming my belief the American Spirit is alive and well.

Farewell my fallen comrades you were beside me from the start.
Your memories are in my thoughts, your sacrifice in my heart.
I’m humbled by your presence and honored to be here too.
Next year I’ll be back in Virginia Beach to run again with you.
Composed by Naval Veteran William Lawrence Kraemer / Army Veteran Michael McGlynn



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