Info about current Cape Story Sand Replenishment project

From a News Release:

Public Works Schedules Sand Replenishment for Cape Henry Beach

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced a sand haul of 60,000 cubic yards of sand for replenishment of Cape Henry Beach in time for the summer season.

The sand stockpile area south of the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Use Facility has been the repository for sand dredged from the Lynnhaven Inlet in recent years. With the beginning of the Lesner Bridge Replacement Project, McLean Contracting Company, contractors for the bridge project, will need part of this stockpile area for use as a staging and laydown area for materials.

Currently there are about 80,000 cubic yards of sand stockpiled here, and moving 60,000 cubic yards to Cape Henry Beach – which was last replenished in 2010 – will allow the contractors to set up for the bridge project.

Trucks will begin hauling sand as early as the second week of May, and are expected to be finished in 6 to 8 weeks. The total cost for the replenishment is estimated at $700,000, and will be funded from the Lesner Bridge Replacement Project contingency fund.

For additional information, contact Chris Wojtowicz at (757) 385-5785 or at

Note: I apologize for not posting this back on May 2nd when it was released.


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