Dewberry sea level rise study update to City Council Informal Session video from May 7 2019

This is a very detailed presentation Current Public Hearing Schedule The same information will be available at each of the 5 public meetings. The presentation at the beginning (approx. 10 minutes) will be focused on the watershed (Atlantic, Lynnhaven, Elizabeth and Southern) will be tailored to the location. The revised dates and locations for the […]

City’s Dewberry Study on Sea Level Rise and Flooding Recommends Average $3.0 Billion Worth of Solutions

On January 15th, Dewberry consultants presented a draft strategies plan to City Council identifying various projects to help prepare Virginia Beach for a Sea Level Rise (SLR) of 3 feet.  The draft plan was created with input from City Staff, a SLR Working Group and consultants.  One of the key recommendations in the plan is […]

It appears “Saturday, June 1 from 1 to 3 p.m. Cox High School 2425 Shorehaven Drive” has been added to the list.

The City Is Hosting a Series of Sea Level Rise Public Meetings at Virginia Beach Public Works has announced a series of public meetings with Old Dominion University in May and June concerning the City’s efforts in developing a comprehensive flooding response plan for sea level rise. Working with Dewberry, Public Works Engineering has […]

Monday May 20th at 7:30pm – SDCC General Meeting *Note a week early due to Memorial Day*

This meeting is being held a week earlier than normal due to Memorial Day Click here for a printable version of the agenda 5.20.19 SDCC Agenda SDCC General Meeting Agenda ***Monday May 20, 2019 from 7:30 to 9:00pm*** Meeting is a week early due to Memorial Day Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall – 3769 […]

“The Lynnhaven Inlet could see dramatic, and costly, changes in order to protect Virginia Beach from sea level rise in the coming decades.”

View article including some of the proposed plans at “This is probably the biggest threat that faces our city. We really need to take this seriously,” City Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson said at a meeting Tuesday night. “These are huge, huge numbers. It’s very frightening.” The city is still months away from deciding how to […]

Interesting new idea how to handle storm water will be tested & refined on Shore Drive.

New scoop we just learned over the weekend after meeting one of the people whose been working on this. Thanks to the amazing work Dewberry has done so far studying sea level rise and storm water issues in Virginia Beach, the Brock Environmental Center being located here and the fact the Shore Drive community is […]