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A proposed ordinance governing short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods has been referred to the Planning Commission for eventual return to the City Council, B. Kay Wilson, deputy city attorney told the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

The latest iteration of the city’s efforts to govern when homes are rented for fewer than 30 days, the proposal would require property owners to seek a conditional use zoning permit from the City Council, with some exceptions.

One such exception would “grandfather” owners whose properties were operating as short-term rentals as of July 1 and were registered legally and had paid applicable taxes by that deadline. Homesharing, in which an owner rents all or part of the property for no more than 30 consecutive days continues to live there during such rentals, can take place anywhere in the city, Wilson said, as long as they are registered and pay taxes. . . .

Proposed Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC headed for BZA on October 3rd

Case 2018-BZA-00056
Applicant: Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC Representative: Eddie Bourdon, Sykes Bourdon, Ahern & Levy
Address: 3301 Ocean Shore Ave GPIN: 1489-89-3069
Zoning District: B-4
Staff: Kevin Kemp

Project: Proposed Residential Duplex and Retail Building
• 15-foot front yard setback from the property line adjacent to Ocean Shore Ave, instead of 35-feet as required;
• 15-foot side corner setback from the property line adjacent to Cherry Tree Place, instead of 35-feet as required.

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Board of Zoning Appeals at

What are those blue signs on Shore Drive next to PHP ? Proposed 3925 Shore Drive single family houses & swimming pools.

3925 Shore Drive 20180924-PCD-CBPA-Staff Report (14 page PDF)

Variance Request
Encroachment into the Resource Protection Area (RPA) 50 foot landward buffer and variable width buffer to construct 2 single family residences with a shared driveway.

“Hurricane Florence no longer viewed as life-threatening for Virginia Beach, city manager says”

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Hansen said during Wednesday’s briefing that the current forecast shows conditions equivalent to “less than a nor’easter.” He said that wind conditions are not expected to reach hurricane level and “will be on the low end of tropical storm, at best,” giving him more optimism for vulnerable areas like Sandbridge and the rural areas.

“An informed citizen would probably have waited to the last movement of the storm before making that decision” to evacuate, he said.

Visit NOAA Hurricane Center for Florence.

“This graphic is created by the NWS/NCEP Weather Prediction Center (WPC) and shows rainfall potential for the United States when a tropical cyclone threatens land. The graphic is displayed as a Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF), which shows rainfall totals for a specified time period, based on forecaster discretion.”