“A newly-released study between Norfolk, Virginia Beach and the Navy recommends sweeping changes that would reshape areas from Ocean View to Sandbridge to prevent floodwaters from cutting off military bases.”

From Pilotonline.com:

The study’s findings carry far-reaching implications that could help shape costly infrastructure improvements in the future.

Proposed solutions would cost between a few hundred thousand dollars to more than $50 million for comprehensive improvements. The study, which is still a draft, looks at possible conditions — and the feasibility of potential fixes — under both 1.5 and 3 feet of sea level rise, focusing on chronic or nuisance flooding and not factoring in possible storm surge events.

National & local coverage of Floatopia trashing Ocean Park over the weekend

Please note: Floatopia did not take place in “Chicks Beach”. It was in Ocean Park.

Large amounts of trash left on beach after ‘Floatopia’ upsets Virginia Beach residents Wtkr.com

“Lots of floats, lots of wood, lots of things to party with. Beer cans and different types of food. Sock were everywhere,” Marino said.

Appalled and disgusted by the trash, long time Virginia Beach resident Melissa Noel posted a video to Facebook to help spread the word of keeping the beaches clean.

10 tons of trash collected after Floatopia event at Chic’s Beach WAVY.com

“All kinds of garbage, trash, bottles, towels, pieces of clothing, mats, cans,” said Drew Lankford, with the City of Virginia Beach Public Works Department.

Video of the trash quickly went viral on social media causing a lot of anger among the community.

“You know, it’s not a whole lot of effort to clean up after yourself,” Lankford said.

‘Floatopia’ beach-goers leave 10 tons of trash at Ocean Park beach 13NewsNow.com

“It was really bad, it was a disaster,” he said. “I think the city management needs to really take a look at Floatopia and what it does to the community, around here.”

10 tons of trash collected from Virginia Beach after Memorial Day event MSN.com

City council member Michael Berlucchi criticized the mess left behind.

“We can do better than this! Let’s work together to keep our City beautiful,” he wrote.

10 tons of trash collected from Virginia Beach after Memorial Day event TheHill.com

459 SHARES & 259 Comments so far

Just one of the many videos on social media.

“This spring’s Outreach meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 during the regular BAC meeting.”

View invitation to attend Outreach meeting.(2 pg PDF)

This spring’s Outreach meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 during the regular BAC meeting. The community input will begin shortly after the 3:30pm meeting start time. The meeting will be held at the Virginia Beach Tennis and Country Club, located at 1950 Thomas Bishop Lane (2nd floor meeting room), Virginia Beach, VA, 23454.

Download Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) Strategic Plan.(2 pg PDF)

Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) Strategic Plan


    The mission of the BAC is to review and make recommendations to the City Council regarding public and private projects and issues associated with the Bayfront area, and projects or issues associated with the Bayfront area that the City Council may refer to the Commission.


    Executive – Kal Kassir Chairman
    Design – Joe Bovee Chairman
    Communications – Scott Ayers Chairman
    Transportation – Charles Malbon Chairman

High Priority Project Items

    Funding Phase IV roadway improvements ( Shady Oaks to west base of Lesner bridge )
    Water issues
    Dewberry/Sea Level Rise Study
    City Marina Development
    City Wharf/Osprey Park
    Pedestrian walkway under bridge (from Vista Circle to Page Avenue)
    Sand replenishment
    Cape Henry
    Ocean Park Beach
    Crab Creek
    Infill development
    Address what the nature of the “Bayfront” should be
    Determine future look (preserve commercial, address vacation rentals)
    Work with Planning on Comprehensive Plan
    Landscape design of Route 13 and Shore Drive interchange

High Priority Communication Items

    1. Schedule department heads for briefings
    2. Reach out to City’s Communication office and Drew Langford, Public Works
    3. Make regular City Council connections
    4. Renew existing partnerships and seek out new
    5. Look for new Commission talent, especially multi age group
    6. Focus on marketing “Who is BAC”
    7. Review capital projects in Bayfront Area

Ongoing Concerns To Be Monitored

    Shore Drive roadway improvements phases II,III,IV
    Update Shore Drive design guidelines
    Beach replenishment
    Development review coordination with city staff
    Live Oak protection
    Beach interpretive signs / bike parking and beach access
    Recognition awards
    CIP projects – identify and get annual updates
    “No Parking” signs clearly defined within neighborhoods
    Community signs as developed by BAC
    Code revisions

Liaisons, Partnerships and City Staff Support

    City Council (liaisons Jim Wood & Louis Jones)
    City Attorney
    Conventions and Visitors Bureau
    Public Works
    Parks and Recreation
    First Landing State Park
    JEB Little Creek – Fort Story
    Planning Commission
    Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Commission
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation
    Friends of Live Oaks
    Hampton Roads Sanitation District Commission
    Lynnhaven River NOW
    Public Art Foundation
    Resort Advisory Commission
    Shore Drive Community Coalition
    Virginia Beach Public Schools

Phase IV will dramatically upgrade Shore Drive in Ocean Park.

It appears “Saturday, June 1 from 1 to 3 p.m. Cox High School 2425 Shorehaven Drive” has been added to the list.

The City Is Hosting a Series of Sea Level Rise Public Meetings at VBGov.com.

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced a series of public meetings with Old Dominion University in May and June concerning the City’s efforts in developing a comprehensive flooding response plan for sea level rise. Working with Dewberry, Public Works Engineering has been conducting studies and developing long-term plans to combat the growing risks and projected effects of sea level rise throughout the city.

Previously at SDCC.info.

“The contractor (Cottrell Contracting Corporation) should begin mobilization of the dredge and associated equipment for the remaining days of May 2019. Sand placement will start on the western end of the beach, closest to Lesner Bridge, on or about mid-June 2019.”

Read May 15, 2019 Subject: Cape Henry Beach Replenishment-Project Update #1 letter (1 pg PDF)

We will be requesting that citizen’s personal property (volleyball courts, catamarans, beach furniture, etc.) be removed from the beach or safely secured and stored in its entirety on top of the dunes (where practical) before the project reaches your area.

“The Lynnhaven Inlet could see dramatic, and costly, changes in order to protect Virginia Beach from sea level rise in the coming decades.”

View article including some of the proposed plans at Pilotonline.com:

“This is probably the biggest threat that faces our city. We really need to take this seriously,” City Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson said at a meeting Tuesday night. “These are huge, huge numbers. It’s very frightening.”

The city is still months away from deciding how to move forward.

No doubt you are aware the probability of your taxes going up to pay to mitigate for sea level rise is roughly 100%.

More about Dewberry study

Dewberry sea level rise study update to City Council Informal Session video from May 7 2019 at SDCC.info.

“Dewberry” Search results at SDCC.info.

Comprehensive Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding Response Plan​ at VBGov.com.

Current Public Hearing Schedule

June 5, 2019 – Princess Anne High School (Lynnhaven)

We are working with the City to have a Public Hearing located in the Bayfront area.

Dewberry sea level rise study update to City Council Informal Session video from May 7 2019

This is a very detailed presentation

Current Public Hearing Schedule

The same information will be available at each of the 5 public meetings. The presentation at the beginning (approx. 10 minutes) will be focused on the watershed (Atlantic, Lynnhaven, Elizabeth and Southern) will be tailored to the location. The revised dates and locations for the meetings are as follows:

May 29, 2019 – Virginia Aquarium (Atlantic Ocean)
May 30, 2019 – Kempsville High School (Elizabeth River)
June 3, 2019 – Kellam High School (Southern)
June 5, 2019 – Princess Anne High School (Lynnhaven)
June 6, 2019 – Creeds Elementary School (Southern)