SDCC requests City Council defer hearing Planning Item #4 – New Millennium Senior Living Communities.

From an email sent to City Council:

Dear Mayor Sessoms and City Council Members,

I am writing to request a deferral for the subject agenda item, Planning Item #4 – New Millennium Senior Living Communities, being heard at tonight’s Council meeting. The deferral would allow time for the community and City Traffic Engineers to find a safer design for the proposed additional entrance located at the intersection of Shore Drive and Indian Hill Road.

Residents have expressed concern at both Bayfront Advisory Commission and Shore Drive Community Coalition meetings that adding 2 additional points of conflict at the new entrance intersection will result in an unsafe situation. The existing intersection already creates a two car stacking conflict in the median and the proposed City design could result in a 3 or even 4 car interaction.

The following recommendation has been made for the new traffic pattern and would provide a safer intersection with no adverse impact to the operation of the new development.

At the proposed Indian Hill Road entrance – only allow vehicles heading eastbound on Shore Drive to enter and exit the new development.
Keep operating the existing old building main entrance with 4 way median flow as-is. This entrance is located approximately 500 feet to the west of the proposed Indian Hill Road entrance.
Vehicles leaving the development heading westbound on Shore Drive would use the existing old building entrance or the First Court Road entrance which leads to stop lighted intersections.

Thank you for your continued efforts to make Shore Drive safe for all modes of travel

Todd Solomon
Shore Drive Community Coalition-President
(757) 667-8533 cell

“Shore Drive, We Love This Place”, check out

Aerial view of existing conditions. Proposed new Baylake facility will be in grass area on left.

Emphasis added for this post.

September Baylines from Bayfront Advisory Committee

View September Baylines. (5 page PDF)


The city has changed some of the design at the site in response to public input, he said. Parking will be reduced from the previously announced 15 spaces to five. In addition, plans have been made to preserve two healthy mature live oaks in that area and to transplant saplings elsewhere on the site.


Starting next year, Virginia Beach will embark on a large-scale restoration of public Chesapeake Bay beaches that will make them 100 to 150 feet wide, Phillip J. Roehrs, city water resources engineer, told the Bayfront Advisory Commission.
“We’re going to put a bunch of sand out there,” and continue to do so in four- to five-year cycles, Roehrs said. “This is going to change the nature of the community.”


A redevelopment application for part of the current Marina Shores development is on the agenda for the Sept. 13 Planning Commission meeting. Planners will hear presentations by Water Box LLC, owner and applicant, for a conditional use permit and conditional rezoning for the property at 2100 Marina Shores Drive.

August Bayline from Bayfront Advisory Committee

Includes info about SWIFT & new proposed retirement home on Shore Drive.

View 4 page PDF.

Major construction is underway this year that will result in massive changes in how wastewater is treated in Virginia Beach and throughout Hampton Roads, phasing out the Chesapeake-Elizabeth treatment plant off Shore Drive, diverting wastewater to the Atlantic plant near Ocean Lakes and implementing a new technology that will return treated wastewater to the aquifer. . .

Monday July 31st – SDCC General Meeting Special Presentation and Agenda

Click here for a printable version of the agenda 7.31.17 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday July 31, 2017 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)

Special Presentation – Proposed Urban Winery on Shore DriveJennifer Eichert, owner and operator of Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, will discuss her plans to open a winery at 4365 Shore Drive. The plans include an outside seating area with fire pits and a tasting room that will be available for private parties. The project was scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission on July 12th.

Officer’s Reports
Secretary – David Williams
Treasurer’s Report -Kathy Pawlak
Vice President – Wally Damon
President – Todd Solomon


Old Business-
Route 35, Bayfront ShuttleUpdate on ridership numbers and HRT’s ideas to expand and make this route more effective. Thoughts and feedback welcomed. Send comments to Comments will be collected and forwarded to City and HRT.

Pleasure House Point Management PlanCity Staff met with an Ocean Park Civic League steering committee to discuss the planned parking lot, ADA requirements and the wetland mitigation bank.


New Business
Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) NewsMr. Wally Damon will update us on the actions of the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

Bay Lake Assisted Living Facility ExpansionThe owners of Bay Lake plan to expand by adding new buildings to their vacant lot at the corner of First Court and Shore Drive. The plan requires a Conditional Use Permit and may be heard by the Planning Commission as early as August. The site layout shows an entrance off Shore Drive across from Indian Hill Rd and another off First Court.

Resort Conference Hotel Proposal to Convert to Assisted Living FacilityVB Planning received a Conditional Use Permit application for the transition of the VB Resort and Conference Center to become Housing for Seniors and Disabled Persons. The request is to specifically convert the hotel into independent, assisted and memory care units. A hearing may be as early as September.


Community Concerns and SuggestionsGeneral discussion of neighborhood and community concerns that may need SDCC attention. This is an opportunity for all to share information.


Next SDCC Meeting – Monday August 28, 2017

Swimming Advisory Issued for Cape Henry Area

Swimming Advisory Issued for Cape Henry Area
Fort Story to Starfish Road Including First Landing State Park

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health has issued a swimming and wading advisory for the Cape Henry area of Virginia Beach between Fort Story and Starfish Road, including First Landing State Park. Recent testing conducted by the Health Department showed that bacteria levels in the water exceeded the State Water Quality Standards.

Recreational waters are monitored for bacteria using indicator organisms such as Enterococcus, the indicator of choice in estuarine and marine waters.

“The coastal waters of Virginia are generally very clean, and we test them weekly from May through September,” said Heidi Kulberg, M.D., director of the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health. “On the occasions when waters fail to meet the standards, we need to protect public health by letting residents and visitors know.”

Signs will be posted on the beach between Fort Story and Starfish Road to alert the public of the swimming and wading advisory. The signs will read:

Bacteria levels do not meet state water quality standards
Swimming and wading are prohibited until further notice

Virginia Beach has conducted these tests since the mid-1970s. Health officials will continue testing the site until the water quality meets the state water quality standards. When the sampling test results meet the standards, the signs will be removed.

Enterococci are a group of organisms used to determine the extent of the fecal contamination of recreational waters. While they do not cause illness, scientific studies indicate that their presence is closely correlated to the presence of other disease-causing organisms. People swimming or playing in waters with bacteria levels higher than the standard have an increased risk of developing gastrointestinal illness, as well as skin, eye and respiratory infections.

“We encourage the public to protect their health by complying with this advisory,” said Kulberg. “Typically an advisory of this nature is temporary and will be withdrawn once the bacteria levels have returned to safe levels.”

The results of this and all other sampling are located on the Virginia Department of Health Web site at

For additional information, contact Brad DeLashmutt, Virginia Beach Health Department at 757-518-2727.