Dangerous boating incident in Long Creek over the weekend

From Cape Henry Shores neighborhood watch …

The following was received by a CHS resident:

We live on Long Creek and frequently deal with boats throwing a wake,
but we’ve never had any of our CHS neighbors as the culprits and we
realize we will always deal w/ disrespectful boaters.

tonight a dangerous thing happened on Long Creek and I was wondering
if it’s appropriate to spread an email b/c I suspect the parents of
the culprit or perhaps the friend of the culprit live in our
neighborhood. At approximately 10:15 tonight (after the fireworks) we
could hear a boat speeding in our direction coming from the park.

Both of our neighbors across the water on Bay Island happened to be
out and all of us went to the edge in time to see what appeared to be
a grey or blue center console boat, probably around 20′-24′ long,
speed by so fast it’s a wonder docked boats, pylons, or floating piers
weren’t hit. Thank goodness no late-night kayakers or paddle boarders
were out (as there sometimes are) b/c there’s no question they would
have been killed. All of the boats docked along the creek rocked and
hit pylons or bulkheads!

After the boat sped by, my neighbor across the water screamed that the boat had turned into CHS. Because it sped by so quickly we couldn’t determine how many people were in the boat, but we’re all reasonably certain there were at least 2 guys who seemed
to be teenagers.

If you have any information on who the boaters could have been, please
contact me and i can put you in touch with the resident.

“Last evening (Sun. Jun 29), a small white dog was attacked by a pit bull in our park.” Can you help?

From Cape Story Neighborhood Watch:

Last evening (Sun. Jun 29), a small white dog was attacked by a pit bull in our park. The caretaker was also injured when trying to break up the attack. The dog and woman where both taken to the hospital. The pit bull was the one who had been reported missing earlier. Many people are concerned about how the woman and dog are but no one that I have talked to know who they are. If anyone can provide an update, it would be appreciated by all. The pit bull was taken by Animal Control to be put down. Thank you.

Birds shot with blow darts in Shore Drive area

This is sick and the people doing this will surely get caught and prosecuted.

From WAVY.com:

Gipson said Virginia Beach Animal Control is aware of the problem, but there have been no witnesses to the bird shootings — which are federal crimes. Gipson said every bird that’s been found injured has been federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Radiographs of a gull with a yellow-tip dart piercing it’s lung. (Photo provided by Barbara Gipson)

Radiographs of a gull with a yellow-tip dart piercing it’s lung. (Photo provided by Barbara Gipson for WAVY)

Bullet shot into house in Cape Story

From Cape Story By The Sea Neighborhood Watch:

At approximately 11:30 pm last night, a bullet passed through my house (on the second floor) in the 2500 block of Shore Dr. (bayside) . Fortunately, no one was hurt. The bullet passed through an exterior wall and one interior. I did not hear the gun fire. According to the police, the bullet appeared to be from a 9mm. I did have the police stop by to investigate. If you know anything, please Officer F.W. Nowadly at 385-2700.

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000,
option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any
suspicious activity. Also, please call or email the NW Coordinator so crime
reports and suspicious activities can be shared with all of our residents.

Emphasis ours.

Summer safety tips for you while solicitors are visiting your home

Thanks to Cape Henry Neighborhood Watch for sharing.

From an email:

Subject: Summer Door-to-Door Salespeople

Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to take a moment to provide some
information on our usual door-to-door visitors that we seem to
encounter every summer… Please see the attached information on alarm
and security salespeople, as well as the requirements for solicitors
in general.

Please do share this information with anyone you feel will benefit
from it. As always, if you have any questions or need assistance,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe,

MPO Leta Krieger
1st & 4th Precinct Crime Prevention Officer
Virginia Beach Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
(757) 385-1324 – direct
(757) 385-1006 – main office
(757) 385-1064 – fax
Email: lkrieger@vbgov.com

View attachments:

2010-119NR (Solicitor warning tips) (Doc)

Alarm sales flyer (PDF)

Solicitor advice (Docx)

Solicitor-handout (PDF)

Per Article II, Section 26-26 of the Virginia Beach City Code, door-to-door solicitors must have a copy of the City-issued Solicitor’s permit on their person at the time they are soliciting. Solicitor’s Permits are obtained from the Police Services Division located in Building 11 (Police Headquarters). The box on the right side of the permit should contain a recent photo of the solicitor presenting it. Some businesses, such as charitable, non-profit organizations, and civic or religious organizations are exempt from this requirement; please see Virginia Beach City Code Section 26-26(b) for a complete listing of those organizations and individuals that are exempt from the Solicitor’s permit requirements.