Citizen Input Still Sought Regarding Sea Level Rise Plan – Take a Survey to Help

In addition the recent public input meetings held by the City of Virginia Beach, the City is asking citizens to take an online survey to help capture your ideas and comments on the Draft Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding Plan.  The survey can be found at the following link.  Please feel free to share this survey with anyone else that may live or work in Virginia Beach.

Click here or on the image above to access the survey


City Seeks Citizen Input on Active Transporation Plan

The City is asking citizens to participate in an online survey by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department on its 2020 “Active Transportation Plan.” The plan will focus on promoting safety and accessibility of walking and bicycling in Virginia Beach. The survey invites residents to provide feedback on their bicycling and walking habits, and it also includes an interactive map that will help determine where the greatest needs exists for a pedestrian and bicycle network throughout the city. To access the survey, click here

Dredging of Inlet and Replenishment of Cape Henry Beach Complete. Dredging of Broad Bay Channel Started

The following is taken from an email update provided by the project coordinator….

It does not look like the Contractor will make it to Oak Street given the remaining volume they have in the turning basin in the re-dredge areas. Will have a better idea of things when I receive their daily report from today’s operations. They are quickly finishing up these areas and following the Government’s acceptance of the dredging work (may take about a week plus a couple of days max), will remove pipeline from Cape Henry Beach and be complete with this placement area.

Long Creek dredging will not be a part of this contract. We have a few dredging areas within Broad Bay Channel. The material from these dredging areas will be going to our upland placement site at Maple St. The site has been prepped to receive material and dredge pipeline is in place to being dredging in Broad Bay Channel. These operations will begin soon following the Contractor’s completion of dredging in the Basin. This will be 24/7 operations with specifications that the contractor, to the maximum extent practicable, limit or try to reduce noise from 7PM – 7AM.

There will be a dredge pipeline in Long Creek to transport dredged material from the Broad Bay Channel dredging areas, but this will be the only thing operational in Long Creek.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Christopher B. Tolson
Design Section, Operations Branch
Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Office: (757) 201-7012

Milling and Paving Started – Shore Drive Between Greenwell Rd and Lesner Bridge

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced that crews began roadway improvements on Shore Drive beginning Sunday, August 11, 2019.

The project will include milling, paving and pavement marking improvements which will begin on Shore Drive, both eastbound and westbound lanes, from Greenwell Road to the Lesner Bridge

Crews will be working beginning at 7 p.m. and will end at 5 a.m. each day.

The project is expected to be completed by Friday, September 20, 2019.

The milling and paving operation is likely to produce traffic delays, congestion and some construction noise. Advanced warning signs will be clearly posted advising motorists of lane closures. Citizens are urged to use alternate traffic routes when possible.

All scheduled work is weather permitting.

Virginia Paving is the contractor for the project. For additional information, please contact Lonnie Minson with Virginia Paving at (757) 675-8714, or Dennis Simon at (757) 385-1470.

To read the official City news release, click here Shore Drive – Greenwell to Lesner – August 2019

CBF Seeks Community Input for Proposed New School Building – Tues July 30th at 7pm

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) will be holding a public input session at their upcoming community meeting at the Brock Center to gather input on their proposed new classroom building.  The proposal is scheduled to go before the City’s Planning Commission on Wed Aug 14th.  Input can be made at CBF’s meeting on Tuesday July 30th, see below.

How will the community be involved in the process?
CBF will seek local input on the proposed classroom in several ways, including hosting public discussions at the Brock Center, and holding meetings with community leaders, civic associations, and other community groups.
CBF’s next community meeting will be held at the Brock Center on Tuesday, July 30, from 7-9:00 p.m. Individuals can also provide input by contacting CBF Brock Center Manager Chris Gorri directly at

Additional information can be found at

And from the following documents supplied by City Planning Department

Rendered Classroom Elevations



Monday July 29th @7:30pm SDCC Presentation – Lime Scooters at the Bayfront – 2nd/3rd Precinct Police Captains Will Discuss

Lime Scooters have made there way on to the Shore Drive landscape.  Social media has blown up with comments praising and condemning them.  The Virginian-Pilot recently discussed the resulting impact of scooters with an increase in hospital injury visits

Police Precinct Captains Wichtendahl-2nd and Hatfield-3rd have graciously offered to attend our Monday July 29th SDCC meeting to talk to us about our concerns.  They will also provide the current City requirements governing electric scooters in the Bayfront area.  They will also update us on any City plans regarding the their future.

So if you have questions about rules of operation, parking requirements, who to call with problems, what can and can’t be done to regulate them, what can be done to make them safer for users and the community.  Please come out Monday evening to discuss.

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday July 29, 2019 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall – 3769 East Stratford Rd
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)


SDCC General Meeting – Monday July 29th at 7:30pm – Lime Scooter Presentation

Click here for a printable version of the agenda 7.29.19 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday July 29, 2019 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall – 3769 East Stratford Rd
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)

Special Presentation – Lime Scooters and Their Operation in the Bayfront Area

Police Precinct Captains Reo Hatfield-3rd and Shannon Wichtendahl-2nd will discuss the recent inundation of electric scooters along Shore Drive. Come find out What is and isn’t legal for their operation? Does the City plan to regulate their operation? Who can residents and business owners call with issues? Where can electric scooters be legally operated? These and other questions you may have will be addressed.


Officer’s Reports:
Secretary – Kathleen Damon
Treasurer’s Report –Tim Solanic
Vice President – Empsy Munden
President – Todd Solomon

Old Business-
Cape Henry Beach Replenishment – We have asked the USACE project manager for an update on project. Issues, Estimated Completion Date, etc.
4th of July Fireworks for Cape Henry Beach – The City never responded to the community request to take over the event, so as a result the show did not happen this year.
Shore Drive Improvements in Ocean Park – Updates and estimated completion date will be discussed.

New Business –
Route 35 Bayfront to Oceanfront Shuttle – Service will continue to operate until the end of September. HRT and the City have shared ridership numbers for May and June. We will discuss.
Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) – An urban cost-share program that provides financial incentives (usually 75%) and technical and educational assistance to property owners. SDCC is working with local VCAP organizers to have a presentation at our August meeting.
Dewberry Report Sea Level Rise and Stormwater – Community forums have been rescheduled. The remaining four meeting are listed below and more information can be found on our website. * are closest for Bayfront residents.

Monday, July 29, 6-8 PM — Creeds Elementary School, 920 Princess Anne Rd
*Tuesday, July 30, 6-8 PM — Thalia Elementary School, 421 Thalia Drive
Wednesday, July 31, 6-8 PM — Kellam High School, 2665 West Neck Road
*Saturday, August 3, 10 AM – 12 PM — Cox High School, 2425 Shorehaven Drive

Community Concerns– Please share any issues or concerns your groups/organizations may have at this time.

***Next SDCC Meeting – Monday August 26, 2019***