Proposed Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC headed for BZA on October 3rd

Case 2018-BZA-00056
Applicant: Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC Representative: Eddie Bourdon, Sykes Bourdon, Ahern & Levy
Address: 3301 Ocean Shore Ave GPIN: 1489-89-3069
Zoning District: B-4
Staff: Kevin Kemp

Project: Proposed Residential Duplex and Retail Building
• 15-foot front yard setback from the property line adjacent to Ocean Shore Ave, instead of 35-feet as required;
• 15-foot side corner setback from the property line adjacent to Cherry Tree Place, instead of 35-feet as required.

View BZA Oct 3 Case # 2018-BZA-00056 (16 page PDF)

Board of Zoning Appeals at

What are those blue signs on Shore Drive next to PHP ? Proposed 3925 Shore Drive single family houses & swimming pools.

3925 Shore Drive 20180924-PCD-CBPA-Staff Report (14 page PDF)

Variance Request
Encroachment into the Resource Protection Area (RPA) 50 foot landward buffer and variable width buffer to construct 2 single family residences with a shared driveway.

“Hurricane Florence no longer viewed as life-threatening for Virginia Beach, city manager says”

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Hansen said during Wednesday’s briefing that the current forecast shows conditions equivalent to “less than a nor’easter.” He said that wind conditions are not expected to reach hurricane level and “will be on the low end of tropical storm, at best,” giving him more optimism for vulnerable areas like Sandbridge and the rural areas.

“An informed citizen would probably have waited to the last movement of the storm before making that decision” to evacuate, he said.

Visit NOAA Hurricane Center for Florence.

“This graphic is created by the NWS/NCEP Weather Prediction Center (WPC) and shows rainfall potential for the United States when a tropical cyclone threatens land. The graphic is displayed as a Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF), which shows rainfall totals for a specified time period, based on forecaster discretion.”


From email from Wojo:

I want to post another Bridge Update for today to alert folks what to expect during this evening’s traffic switch.

The traffic switch that will take place tonight, August 30th on Lesner Bridge will be performed in several stages with a lot of activity taking place at the intersections of Shore Drive/Vista Circle/Page Avenue and Shore Drive/East Stratford Road. Here are some additional details to let you all know what to expect.

Beginning at 8:00 PM this evening single lane closures will be set up at both the Shore Drive/East Stratford Rd and Shore Drive/Vista Circle/Page Avenue intersections. At this time Shore Drive will be reduced to A SINGLE LANE IN EACH DIRECTION as crews work in the intersections and median areas to eradicate old pavement markings and place the new ones. Workers will also be in bucket trucks adjusting traffic signal heads and preparing for the removal of the old traffic signal pole located at Shore Drive and Page Avenue.

Stage 1 of 8/30/2018 the Lesner Bridge Traffic Switch

PLEASE DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY through these two intersections while this work is taking place. Since there will be a short time that both traffic signals will be down while we switch to the new signals. During this time Virginia Beach Police will be assisting in maintaining the flow of traffic on Shore Drive on both ends of the bridge.

The single lane of eastbound Shore Drive traffic will be moved onto the new eastbound bridge once the new pavement markings have been placed. The westbound single lane of traffic will be maintained on the westbound bridge through this next stage of the traffic switch. Again, workers will be eradicating old pavement markings and placing new ones in preparation for the new traffic pattern.

Stage 2 of 8/30/2018 the Lesner Bridge Traffic Switch

Once all of the new pavement markings are down and the new traffic signals adjusted, the eastbound LEFT LANE will be re-opened to traffic and allowed to cross the new eastbound bridge. The LEFT LANE of the westbound traffic will also be re-opened and SHIFTED along with the RIGHT LANE to the southernmost lanes on the westbound bridge. THESE LANE SHIFTS WILL BE COMPLETED BY 5:00 AM FRIDAY, AUGUST 31st. Both bridges will remain in this traffic condition for the next several months while the new 10-foot wide multi-use path is built across the westbound bridge.

Stage 3 of 8/30/2018 the Lesner Bridge Traffic Switch

Pedestrians/cyclists who wish to use the new 10-foot wide multiuse path on the eastbound bridge located next to the new scenic overlook will be allowed to cross the new eastbound Lesner Bridge after 5:00 PM today, August 30th 2018, once crews finish sweeping and clearing the pedestrian areas. Please note that after the traffic switch, pedestrians will not be allowed to use the westbound bridge until construction of the new sidewalk/path is completed.

Finally, we want to make sure that everybody understands that the paving of the bridge approaches is not yet complete and that there may be some minor items of work taking place after the traffic is switched (i.e. painting, handrail adjustments, joint sealing, light adjustments, etc). The asphalt surface mix still has to be placed on both bridge approaches and is why you will notice a small lip of concrete along the concrete gutter pans and a small wedge of asphalt as you cross onto the concrete bridge deck. The pavement markings on eastbound Shore Drive at Vista Circle are also temporary and does not reflect what the ultimate travel lanes will look like once the project is complete (the RIGHT THRU LANE and RIGHT TURN LANE ONLY LANE have been combined into a single THRU RIGHT LANE). The reason for this is that we need still perform some median work before building out this fourth lane.

[This] figure shows how these lanes will look on eastbound Shore Drive at Vista Circle once we complete the project:

Finally, this is a word of caution to users of East Stratford Road who are leaving the Chesapeake House or 3556 On The Bay Condominiums. For the past several years drivers have gotten used to the temporary traffic pattern and have been making a LEFT TURN from southbound East Stratford Road onto eastbound Shore Drive and crossing the WESTBOUND LESNER BRIDGE. After this traffic switch drivers making this same LEFT TURN have pay attention to the new pavement markings and make sure that they enter eastbound Shore Drive and cross the EASTBOUND LESNER BRIDGE. Habits are sometimes hard to change, even with the new signage and pavement markings, so we just want to put this word of caution out there so that nobody ends up the wrong way on the westbound bridge!


Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Christopher J. Wojtowicz, PE
Engineering Construction Manager
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
2405 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9031
Office: (757) 385-5785
Fax: (757) 385-5668

New traffic pattern Thursday August 30th #LESNERBRIDGE

Latest update!

On July 6, 2018 the last segment of the Lesner Bridge Replacement Project was set in the new eastbound bridge.

Last Segment being placed in the new Eastbound Lesner Bridge

On Saturday, July 28, 2018 Virginia Beach Public Arts dedicated “The Canoes” sculpture located in the scenic overlook of the new eastbound Lesner Bridge.

“The Canoes” Sculpture (Artist: Donald Lipski) Dedicated by Virginia Beach Public Arts

And on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 traffic will be moved to the new eastbound Lesner Bridge. We have all waited four years for this major milestone in the project and we are excited to deliver our newest piece of infrastructure to the citizens of Virginia Beach and all users of Shore Drive. This traffic switch will also include pedestrians wanting to cross the Lynnhaven Inlet.

Here are the details:

    Beginning approximately 8:00 PM on Thursday August 30th, traffic control will be installed on each side of the bridge; on Shore Drive at East Stratford Road and on Shore Drive at Page Avenue and Vista Circle. Once the old pavement markings at these intersections have been removed and replaced with the new ones the eastbound Shore Drive traffic will be moved to the new bridge.

    After moving the eastbound Shore Drive traffic, the westbound Shore Drive traffic will be shifted over to the south side of the westbound bridge.

    The traffic switch will be completed by 5:00 AM Friday morning, August 31 2018.

The Contractor is currently preparing the eastbound bridge and approaches for this traffic switch. The gantry has been dismantled and removed, railings are beiing installed, the bridge deck has been planed and grooved, the remaining street lights are being prepared for installation, guardrail installation is nearing completion, traffic signals are being adjusted, and pavement markings for the bridge and approaches are scheduled for tomorrow, August 29th. We are just hoping that the weather will cooperate with this schedule.

​Deck and Multi-use path of the new Eastbound Lesner Bridge

Over the next two weeks, the bridge contractor will:

    § ​​​Remove temporary concrete barrier wall and chain link screening from the westbound bridge;​
    § Begin building the new traffic barrier on the westbound bridge;
    § Continue work on the seawall located near the Virginia Pilots Association;
    § Continue installation of the bridge aesthetic lighting (necklace and pier column lights); and ​
    § Continue the bridge painting.

​​​​​​​View Looking Northeast at Bridge Engineers Inspecting the new Eastbound Lesner Bridge

There will be a lot of work taking place Thursday evening, so please drive carefully.

Have a Wonderful and Safe Labor Day Weekend!


Christopher J. Wojtowicz, PE
Engineering Construction Manager
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
2405 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9031
Office: (757) 385-5785
Fax: (757) 385-5668